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Take part in the first European digital marketplace in the dental sector and benefit from a wide products selection, fairest prices and supreme convenience of buying. Vendors offer the same products and compete on pricing, shipping, and quality.


1. Compare

Browse by category or search directly for the products you’re looking for. You can also visit the shop of your vendors of choice or select only your favourite brands. Compare dental products, and prices side-by-side.

2. Shop

Buy dental supplies from any vendor, through a single checkout process. Each vendor will drop-ship straight to you.

3. Save

Save time and money! Real-time vendor competition drives the pricing. Compare products and prices from different vendors and choose the best deals for you in a short time.


What are the benefits of buying with us?

Spend less time managing your dental practice and more time on the fun stuff.

A place to find all the products you need for your practice and easily compare them.

100% Free service

No membership fee. Get great savings and fast delivery without paying extra costs.

Low or Free shipping

Many vendors have free shipping or a low free shipping threshold that can save you even more.

Buyer Protection

We care about you. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within xx days. We’ve got you covered!


A convenient way to compare prices and products from a single source, and it operates around-the clock: time constraints and problems with varying international trading hours are removed.

Control Dental Supply Cost

Effectively manage your practice supplies, reduce waste, lower costs, and increase profitability.

Fair market price

You can access vendors pricing at the click of a button: product pricing needs to be fair – not necessarily the lowest, but rather always aligned to the market itself.

Reliable and Hassle-free

We carefully select each vendor and verify the supply chain for all materials to ensure maximum security in each purchase. Frictionless and secure payment, tracked shipments, prompt customer service, reviews systems and punishment of bad behaviors are jus

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